Friday, March 11, 2005

5 Days at the Crossings

I returned today from assisting Baron at a 5-days workshop here. What a beautiful, inspiring experience. I started out the week suspecting I'd be witness to a great journey and I wasn't disappointed. The students (mostly teachers themselves) were awesome and as the week went by they looked brighter and brighter. It's funny b/c at the beginning, you can feel the almost psychic sludge in the room, but by the end there's this really sort of light quality to everything - people's conversation, the air in the room, their countenances, etc. I am deeply blessed to have been a part.

At each of the bootcamps and trainings I've attended I go through this strange phenomena where I eat pretty light and I need less sleep than than the usual 9 hours a night I'm accustomed to. So I'm feelin' a little pukey right now as I just followed dinner at a new sushi restaurant (Meiko -- which, for the record my friends really liked, but kinda sucks it that they only have one veg roll choice on the menu) w/ a doughnut from the new Whole Foods. I'm pleased to say that the doughnuts just might be my favorite addition to the new store, though I suspect they'll also be my demise.

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