Monday, July 24, 2006

Hey look! I'm happy again!

That's right - shook that monkey like an anorexic piggy bank. Actually, having a good class on Saturday shifted things for me. I know I know, good class / bad class / who knows?! But this is different b/c it wasn't about whether or not people liked it, it was that I connected b/c I was listening.
Here's what happened and yes I'll cut the play-by-play to something shorter than Homer's Odyssey. I was asked to teach a Gentle Yoga class. My idea of "gentle yoga" is doing 4 wheels instead of 8. I had NO motherscratchin'* idea what to teach. I tried to recall Claire's Relax and Renew classes, which were pure asanematic brilliance, and meant to email her for some coaching, but time slipped away. I found myself on Saturday morning arriving at Equinox and not knowing what to teach. It was time to start the class, the students were ready to go, and I still didn't have a plan. And then something really amazing happened: the postures just came to me -- right down to how long to hold them, what to say physically and spiritually, what to do next -- all just unfolded one after the other. I've had easy classes before, meaning where they just flow, but I've not experienced anything quite like this.
Not "knowing" what to teach was exactly what I needed to get myself out of the way. In fact, on Thursday night I really couldn't have known what to teach either, though I thought I did. Ms Smartiepants got her comeupance.
(Ahem, apparently "frickin"'s lame, so I've dusted off my old standby.)

Two Eskimos were sitting in a kayak and were freezing so they built a fire. The boat sank; proving of course, that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

Btw, I saw Strangers w/ Candy. It's completely retarded which means that it's my new favorite movie.


peewee said...

it's come to this, has it.

Matt Pardo said...

I guess I won't post this comment undercover.

Congrats on the move and the new job! I can't believe you mentioned my challenge. (so I was about 95 days short!!!!) Are you throwing down the gauntlet or something? Feels like a challenge to me… ;)