Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What is the source of people in your dreams that you don't know in real life? You know like where you meet someone in your dream that you've never actually met before? Well, where do those people come from? How do you picture someone's face clearly w/out having come into contact with them before?

Just curious.


King said...

I don't know, but maybe it's related to the way you can dream about someone you know, but they don't actually look like that person in your dream. You know it's that person while you're dreaming, even though it doesn't look like them, almost as if you're watching a movie where someone else is playing the role of your friend, or whatever.

Anyway, my point is that perhaps, just perhaps, the image of the "stranger" you dreamed about was, in fact, the face of someone you know but simply didn't identify as such. Face recognition is a whole seperate function of the brain than imaging and visualization.

As near as you recall, did the face in your dream resemble anyone you know or have seen?

vanessa said...

Oh yeah that's curious too.

The thing w/ the strangers is, that's my point -- how do you make up a face that you've never seen before? It's kinda like aliens on TV and how they all look like lame proximities of humans. Huh? I'll go on... I don't doubt my ability to scrounge together a smart outfit from disparate pieces, but to put together a whole human face and personality and a history? That's not something I'm consciously capable of doing. Like in waking life, I can't imagine, with a clarity and crispness to rival my dream-state, a person whom I'm never met before. When I try it winds up kinda blurry and dull like when you squint your eyes so they're barely open and you kind of see triple.