Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bees are patriotic

So apparently the full moon was *last* night. Yep. The intentions still stand though. I am pretty sure it doesn't matter if I got the right day or not. It's the act of getting clear about what you want that matters.


Working at the library is fun (I got tired of being in my apt so I took it public). They have free wireless and there's lots of light. The downside: vagrants smell and nannies are noisy. Too bad they don't offer showers at the library -- then the homeless could get clean too. And unfortunately the nannies are louder than the kids they're supposed to be watching, which they're not, since they're all talking to each other.


Often I ignore intuition when I can't see a reason for it or when it feels like not listening would have neglible effects. But there's always a reason and "neglible" is an excuse. So there's that saying about no matter how far down a wrong road you go, turn back, and since I live my life by clever aphorisms I'm here cleaning up the mess left by ignoring it. Fortunately I have company since birds of a feather... (hee hee hee.)

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