Tuesday, December 12, 2006

live through this and you won't look back

So Dre and I are having a party on Sunday b/c we want to spend our weekend cleaning. Dre is begging me to play I Never at our party but I just think that's a little too personal. Just kidding. But for real, we are negotiating between ourselves to get a housekeeper. My only requirement used to be that he/she has to use organic products. Dre put up a fight at first because she was concerned about cost but then I reminded her that she's making mad cash so she should quit whining. So that's cool but now her big thing is that she doesn't want a stranger cleaning our house when no one's home. I on the other hand, want to be anywhere *but* home when someone is here picking up the balls left by my living room rug that double as cat hair. It's uncomfortable. I know b/c I've had housekeepers before. Plus I've been working from home and it'd be distracting. They'd have to pretend like they always clean each blind and I'd have to pretend I wasn't watching to make sure. She argues that we live in LA and you don't want strangers in your house when you're not here. To that I say she could get hit by a bus tomorrow. What? Exactly.


Tonight we had our holiday party at Dolce. We were sequestered in a section off the main restaurant; the best part was when the waitstaff started walking around collecting full wine glasses because they "needed them for the other room." Nice. What's awkward at holiday parties (besides wrestling the waiter for the glass that you're still drinking from) is the transition period between conversations. How do you move from one person to another gracefully? I'm kinda shy and if possible I would stay talking to the same person all night long. Rarely do my guests share my intention so I'm left navigating the waters between "umm, now that's just rude" and "okay, it's safe to move on."

My roommate is wondering why she thinks bathroom humor is so funny. I have no idea but ewww. There are several deal-breakers for me if I ever end up dating (that's not a plea). Among them:
1. Cannot drive a Hummer.
2. Must have cool music taste.
3. No bathroom jokes. For real.

I usually go on my runs during lunch when I have the ocean to marvel at. And then last night I didn't go until it was like 7:30. I've been avoiding running at night b/c the last time I did I bit it so hard and my iPod went flying and my knee, hip, and hand were all bloody and I did this thing where I looked around with an extended bottom lip to see if anyone was there to witness my very tragic accident because it really hurt. Owwieee. But I braved it one more time and I'm glad I did. The ocean is cool, but at night I get to see the stars. It's the first time since I've been here that I actually noticed them and maybe that's because they're always hidden in LA? I don't know but now I have a great alternative.

Snooping is creepy.

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