Thursday, December 07, 2006

love, peace, and hair grease

I get to teach in Austin at the end of the month. I'll be at Breath & Body and Yoga Vida on New Year's Day and Bodhi too but I'm not sure if it's the Saturday or Sunday (NYE) yet. It's like going home...


This morning on my way to a meeting I forgot my phone. My immediate thought was to turn back and get it. BUT I didn't allow extra travel time and I didn't want to be late so I decided to keep going. I paused because I knew I should listen to instinct but surely my intuition didn't take into consideration that I just didn't have time. The very next light I realized I forgot the directions to the studio so then I had no choice. After retrieving both my phone and the directions I set out again. I thought about the whole mental negotiation process. Holy cow! It never occurred to me that it's actually more natural for me to ignore my instinct than to listen to it. All day every day instincts come and go and then I start this process of figuring out if it makes sense or not. If I can't see its immediate purpose, then it largely goes ignored. Ahh for shame. But now at least I know so now it can change. The best part is I've been having a series of micro-awarenesses (and yeah I know that's not even a word, or a compound word) which feel like huge revelations. It's like magic.


I'm going to Big Sur for my birthday this weekend. I have heard the drive up 1 is a-ma-zing. On the agenda: hiking, the aquarium, and to the hot springs I go.


Angela said...

I really hope you teach on Saturday at Bodhi. I don't know yet if I'll be able to make it on NYE, but I'll try my hardest. Keep me posted!

Matt Pardo said...

Have a very happy birthday and a wonderful New Year, Vanessa. It sounds like a great place for it!


vanessa said...

Angela: It's going to be Sunday after all... I have plans on Saturday morning that I can't break. I hope I see you -- if not then perhaps March.

Matt: I still follow the practice of resetting every birthday. Thank you for that gift.