Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the other day was a full moon and I missed it

The blog I meant to write is gone. That blows. I guess I'm supposed to write about something other than my weekend in Portland.

How 'bout this? I'm really sleepy and I got a whole mess of questions in my head and I fell off (real hard) the candy wagon today. It wasn't pretty.

But I also got a whole lotta hope and heap of trust that everything's as it's supposed to be.


Anonymous said...

When you fall you climb back up.
However, candy is my weakness (anything choclate!)
Having hope and trust is key! I couldn't go a day with out it.

Christine (NYC) said...

If your inner voice says "eat candy" then eat it!

Matt P said...

If your inner voice says "eat candy", then just beat it with a stick.

vanessa said...

Thanks for all the advice guys! Do unsweetened carob coated almonds count as candy? If so, I'm screwed.