Monday, April 16, 2007

i'm a little italian girl

What is there to say about a horrific mass shooting? Why? Tragedy strikes with such alarming frequency I feel sad that it's no longer surprising. What can be done?


Taxes duly filed. How is it that I ended up owing Massachusetts money? I didn't even like it there. Too bad you can't pay taxes based on preference for the state. Maybe if they knew they had to win my bidness, MA would've been a little more motivated to do something about that obnoxious wind, the blizzard that ruined my birthday, and the absence of decent kombucha. I'm being dramatic -- it wasn't *that* bad. I did have my favorites (e.g. my favorite apartment, my favorite yoga, my favorite thai restaurant which closed down, my favorite place to buy cheese and croissants, etc.) but not enough to make me feel good about owing more money. P.S. I'm kinda kidding. I get that taxes are important and stuff.


I'm leaving early in a.m. to Las Vegas for work. There's a really big convention there, like the second biggest in the US. My flight's at 7 a.m. and I still need to pack, which is why it's 11:30 and I'm here blogging. Remember yesterday? I was serious when I said I avoid the unpleasant until I'm left no other choice. Sigh. The problem tonight is (and this is huge) I can't decide what to wear for work.


Anonymous said...

Nothing I can say will make a mark. My prayers and thoughts will have to do that.

Taxes=Yuck! Filed and mailed out! I think this year we are getting back $90! Whoo Hooo!
Have a safe trip!

culturelust said...
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John said...

You? Put off packing till the last minute? Nah, could never happen...