Thursday, May 31, 2007

no. 13 baby

My friend C was a gymnast in college. That means she's strong AND bendy. Anyway, the other day, or maybe it was today, you know the brain is feeble, she was explaining how, exactly, to do crazy stuff on the balance beam. The trick at landing, she said, was to set your eyes to where you wanted your feet to go. It reminded me of when someone once told me that in mountain biking you focus on where you want to go -- you don't look towards that which you want to avoid. I think you can see where I'm going w/ this. So, I started to think about how cool it is that she could do backflips on a bar, but really I thought about the importance of setting my sight towards what I want instead of being distracted by what I don't. Yeah yeah, basic tenet of positive thinking but sometimes I forget.


Today I got my retainers! Well, actually, that's retainer, singular, since the bottom one didn't fit and I had to get another mold taken. In a couple of weeks I'll have both. I wore my top one for about as long as I could stand it (12 minutes). It hurts. I guess my teeth have shifted in the 15 yrs since I've had braces.


I nearly forgot! It's a full moon which means intention setting! Arrrwwooooooo. (That was my best howl.) Anyway, I'm done asking for obvious stuff like the Bettye Muller patent leather peep toes and to be a 00 by the time I go to Mexico (whatev). All I really want is patience and honesty. Simple stuff, really.

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