Monday, December 03, 2007

Que tengas un buen viaje

This weekend I spent more than any self-respecting human should on a series of facials. Why? Remember how the manicurist mistook me for Renee's mom? No? Well I do. As a result of that fateful comment I'm off of tea lattes and kombucha for the next six months. Not to mention that I am foregoing the camera I was going to buy for my Argentina trip since some very lame person left her old one on a plane and an even lamer person didn't turn it in. Anyway, no camera which means you won't be able to see how great my skin will look in Argentina but trust me it's good.


Stupid BCS. And Angela, OU??? OU? Tell me you're kidding and I'm just too slow to get it.


Angelo Portabello said...

Oh, Vanessa. I am an LSU fan through and through, and I have OU to thank for the Tigers being in the national championship. So, yes, I work at UT and I realize that my statement might be blasphemous to hard-core Longhorn fans. But, alas, my heart lies with the SEC and with LSU in particular. Does that make sense? It's not that I don't have a sense of loyalty to the Horns or that I even like's that I love the purple and gold.

vanessa said...

Fair enough. I can deal with the de facto appreciation of OU. I'm so bitter tho that I'll even root against the Big 12 when it's OU, KU, or A&M.