Monday, April 28, 2008

You have a lovely way with words, must be the way you see the world

Dude I have not felt like writing mostly because I've been depressed.  There.  I said it.  No, I haven't been nipped by a shark, I haven't lost my cat, (which would be hard since I don't have one), nor anything else that might be grounds for like, suckiness.  And yet, I'm all eh.  So that's why I've sorta been absent. 


Note to people who have Jesus stickers on their cars:  it obliges you to be a cool driver.   Yes.  It *does*.   You cut me off and I think "would Jesus have cut me off?"  No , dude.  He wouldn't.  


Anusara teacher training is finally over, and now I'm working on my final exam and putting together the War & Peace-sized manual for it.  I'm so glad I did it, I've made some really amazing friends, and I'm really happy to have my weekends back.  Almost.  Next weekend, Palm Springs for my company's annual meeting, the weekend after a Hanuman intensive and THEN that's it!  Nothing for at least two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

haha, no. Jesus wouldnt have cut you off...