Sunday, August 10, 2008


What are your top 5 favorite songs? You know, the songs you could listen to a million times and not get sick of.

I can name, like 2. No particular order. Jesus that's too much pressure.

1. Ceremony, New Order
2. Hey Bulldog, The Beatles

What are yours? (No Led Zepplin, please.) And, if Fall Out Boy is on your list, for godsakes, post anonymously.


A-Lo said...

I can't believe you would censor someone's Top 5 list. That's not very cool miss judgmental.

vanessa said...

Quit being a sore sport and just post.

John King said...

I can't really narrow it down to 5. But a few that come to mind at the moment, in no particular order:
Fight the Power - Public Enemy
Clandestino - Manu Chao
Swollen - Bent
Provider (Zero 7 Remix) - N*E*R*D
Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
Evil Woman - ELO
Aspettami - Pink Martini
Do Something - Macy Gray
Ode to Billy Joe - Bobbie Gentry

Anonymous said...

I limited myself to post-seventies...and don't hold me to this, but:
Souvlaki Space Station - Slowdive
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
Candy-O - The Cars
Monkey Gone to Heaven - The Pixies
True to Life - Roxy Music
Leave Me Alone - New Order
Frustration - Starlite Desperation
Get Up - Sleater-Kinney
We've Been Had - The Walkmen
Beetlebum - Blur
That's about five, right?

vanessa said...

Johnking: I don't think it's possible to have a more diverse list. This is why I love you.

Anon: Yes, yes. How could I forget Ashes to Ashes? And I *almost* added We've Been Had myself... Nicety.

BP said...

I have a bit of resentment, being that you didn't visit me in NYC, yet in another post, THIS is the time you felt charmed by the city. We have only established a correlation, not causality, mind you, but my heart is bruised.
Anyway, for this reason, I shall ignore your rules (well, the Led Zeppelin one anyway):

The Rover - Led Zeppelin
The entire album of "Nebraska" edited together to form one song to fit within the other rules of this post - Bruce Springsteen
The Girl from Ipanema - Frank Sinatra version (I don't know the other versions)
The Nature of the Beast - Clarence Spady
Mother Nature's Son - The Beatles
La Villa Strangiato - Rush
Big Ten Inch - Aerosmith
Oreo Cookie Blues - Lonnie Mack & SRV
Oh Gee - Robben Ford
The Cowboy Song - Thin Lizzy

Divided by two.

vanessa said...

Oh there's causation if I've ever seen it. But, your omission was a grave oversight and will have to be rectified. Even if you have gone MLB.

Your list seems unnaturally NJ-biased. Which may disqualify you.