Monday, March 16, 2009

Vanessa is...

What's funny about Facebook, and I suppose Twitter, is that it makes me see everything as a potential status update.

Vanessa's eating PopRocks and drinking wine!
Vanessa wishes people would learn to spell weird and definitely, could figure out pronoun agreement in status updates, and would really like it if women would stop calling their husbands hubby.
Vanessa loves teaching yoga!
Vanessa can't wait for Austin...
Vanessa would prefer if some people would just worry about themselves.

...and so on.

Yet, I have this aversion to posting frequent status updates. My self-imposed rule is that I'm not allowed to post more than once a week. I mostly keep it. It's merely an exercise in managing perceptions. Really, all day long I'm thinking stuff like, "Vanessa wonders why she can't drink on the job," or, "Vanessa misses The Hills" and would like the whole world, or 237 people, to know about it.


Dre said...

dude. you are so right. it's true. i now think in terms of status updates too. horrible.

harmony said...

i think you should let yourself go wild and crazy and for a week post status updates every few hours. just to see what it feels like. you know- to be free.