Wednesday, April 08, 2009

tonight i think i'll walk alone, i'll find my soul as i go home

I know I claimed to have written my last fb post, but it's such a rich topic. I am forced to re-think my earlier position.

Yesterday my friend posted pictures we took at a rollerskating party about a month ago. I untagged the scratch out of myself primarily because, without context, it looked like we were filming some trashy B movie. (How exactly do you explain in captions that crawling on the floor is a joke? A very, very funny joke.) Plus I didn't like my outfit. Somehow it worked in the mirror before I left home and in the hour between my house, a party, and then the rink, something went horribly wrong.

And lastly? Co-workers, dude. Co-workers, family members, yoga students, friends-of-ex-boyfriend... you know, all the people that I'd prefer continue to see me as the absolute angel I totally am, thank you, and don't need pictures suggesting otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. While you're at it, how about also nixing some of the blog comments, starting with this one please? A nice little spring cleaning just in time for Easter.

vanessa said...


For what purpose?