Sunday, May 10, 2009

things that make me smile

In no particular order:

1. Figuring stuff out.
2. My hip hop dance lessons. That's right. Again.
3. My guitar lessons. Except for bar chords.
4. Writing.
5. Slunk.
6. My friends having babies.
7. My friends in general.
8. Turning the day into a poem.
9. Music.
10. Sundays.
11. Yoga.
12. Running UP Runyon. (I'm getting there.)
13. Subtlety.
14. Trying something new. (Excluding varietals of onions, or types of meat.)
15. Moving from the organs.


I met today with a yoga friend today. We're pulling together a fundraiser to benefit Africa Yoga Project which is this amazing NPO started by my friend Paige, to bring yoga to, well, Africa. Here's the video. Stay tuned for details.


Portland: May 15 -17
Austin: May 22 - 25
NYC: May 29 - June 2
SF: June 12 - 14
Seattle: June 26 - 28


Trav said...

Good to see you're still writing. I was researching yoga and your blog eventually came up. What a coincidence!

dre said...

what is moving from the organs? huh?