Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gramma update

Hi. She's pulled through. They gave her some medicine and she's on the mend. This means I have more time with her. (Apparently I'm a 4 in the Enneagram system which means that even when I'm writing about someone else, I'm really just thinking about myself.) And so:

Jami: Thank you. Deeply. Thank you.

D: "[W]hen you die, it's like a reward for completing the journey." -- I am not sure, but that seems reasonable enough.

Do you believe in reincarnation? I've heard that right before you die you have a moment of recognition where you *get* what it's all about. And then you spend the next life trying to remember what you learned in those last breaths of the previous one. Sometimes I wonder if these are just theories to make us feel better. Kinda like when they call it good luck to have rain on your wedding day. Not sure, but I like the theory anyway.


Anonymous said...

Good news about Grandma! By the way, I do not believe in re-incarnation. But I like the idea. Life is a big mystery ride. The deceptions are everywhere. I know Religions offer specifics for people who need such a thing to get by. But, I like to believe that the real concept of God (and Life) is way to gigantic and mysterious to nail down. Even the 7 deadly sins can be ambiguous.

So, I don't dismiss the need for religion the way I once did. But, what I do believe and understand seems to change some with the times. Several cultures see death in very pragmatic terms. Like a positive end point, perhaps the end of someone's sacrificial journey? I fully understand and embrace that concept of death.

Angela said...

Glad to read about your grandma! FYI, I started a new blog called My Adventures in Motherhood. Feel free to check it out!