Thursday, July 16, 2009

How many consultants does it take to compromise?

For starters, congrats to my Asian friends, Candice and Culbert, who are making the world a smarter and cuter place w/ their progeny. I'm certain little Kelsey will be competing in spelling bees from her crib (or whatever newborns sleep in) in about a month. And despite them liking Dre better than me, (and being all vocal about it), I still wish them well. Which should be worth something for crissakes.

Next, once again, FB is the coolest/weirdest thing ever. How is it that you can like, keep up with people you haven't talked to since 9th grade?! It's neat and strange and all sorts of other stuff. Speaking of social networking, sort of, I went to delete my myspace account b/c I haven't been on it in forever and I couldn't figure out how. And I'm a smart girl, you know? It's like signing up for prescription pills on the Internet. Once they reel you in you can't shake 'em. I mean, that's what I hear anyway.

Okay, I should be working.



C Lu said...

More good pub like this and you might have a shot at the title. Dre will surely put up a fight, though. If it makes you feel any better Candice and I both said we would pick you over Dre to watch our spawn.

BTW, I love that you refer to us as your "Asian" friends. As if you only had us two. Please. You're virtually a banana. Think about it...

vanessa said...

Don't think I haven't. All my favorite LA friends are Asian and TB might as well be. I think I can approximate your intellect (kinda), and definitely your fashion sense, but I'm coming up short (no pun intended to the wife) on your skin. Thank God for stem cell research and plastic surgery.

The only reason I beat Dre for the coveted babysitter role is because she loses stuff. It'd be bad if she misplaced your child.

C Lu said...

I actually messed that up. I'M a banana. You're an egg.