Monday, July 13, 2009

Terrible / Perfect

I spent last weekend in Seattle. Here's a recount, in the event that you're bored.

I got in on Friday and met L for yoga. In LA if you want to sweat during yoga, you basically have to either go to Bikram or practice in plastic garbage sacks. I forgot that Baptiste yoga is heated. So when L asked me ahead of time if she was going to sweat and I said no, I basically had no idea what I was talking about. Or I like the element of surprise. After yoga we went to Monsoon for lunch and a beer. There's something really fun about having a beer at 1:00 on a weekday. Breakin' the law.

On Friday night I hung out w/ my friend, C. C has two pretty hip girls in junior high. They're fun. Here's a sample conversation:

Emily: Mom, who were the mean girls in your school?
Me: Umm, your mom WAS the mean girl.
C: Oh, tell them that's not true.
Me: Okay, it's not true. (*cough* lie *cough*.)

Saturday I got up early to go on a hike w/ my friend, R. And by early I mean we didn't start until 10:30. That's what happens with procrastinators.

This was the best part of the hike. (It's the top.)

This was the worst part of the hike. (It's my owwie, albeit 2 days later.)

After the hike I got ready for a trip to Kent for my reunion. I didn't go to Friday night's prom-like event, but I did go to the casual Saturday thingy. I'll save the details for another blog, and just say it was cool to see old friends. I ended up leaving early to go to a friend's party. I drank Coors Lite at the party with zero irony.

Sunday I saw my friend W for coffee. I've missed him. After coffee, I went back out to Kent to see my friends (congratulations, S!) and my mom. She made me soup. Soup is good. Especially when it's raining. I like rain. It's not time to move home.

Okay, I'll stop writing like a fifth-grader. I'm off my game right now, I know, but I'm confident that consistency will break this writing block I've got.


John King said...

Despite years of yoga, world travel, spiritual and emotional growth, and deep mindfulness practice you still possess a formidable talent for falling down when engaged in risky activities like walking around outside.

vanessa said...

I'm a talent like that.