Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

I've hit the five year mark. It seems like just yesterday I wrote my first entry. Actually it doesn't. Not at all. I've been writing for freakin' ever. Since you were born. I started to count the posts but didn't get very far. *cough*English major.*cough* Anyway, I never know who's reading and I always assume it's no one, so if you're reading this, thanks. It's cool of you. (Update: I just checked the dashboard. 590. 590 little pieces of joy.)

I've started a list of words I have trouble spelling or grammatical mistakes I make frequently. Can you relate?

  • palette / pallet
  • loathe vs. loath
  • that vs. which

Tonight's the full moon and lunar eclipse. Because I'm all new agey I set my intentions then burnt them. I wished for the balls to clip someone who always posts about hating Obama. Not because I actually care if someone likes him or not, but because it's annoying that there's no way to hide status updates through the mobile FB client. Maybe I should wish instead for the FB team to create a more robust iPhone app. (I just said that to be nice.)


Anonymous said...

happy congratulations..i've been using your blog for reading for quite some time and it's also good for laughing. Keep it going!

C Lu said...

I feel like I contributed to a portion of this post in a small way. It's one of my proudest moments, which (not that, although I realize this is not when said usage is confusing) says more about how little I've actually accomplished than anything else.

vanessa said...

Anon: Thanks! I'd reply something witty but I'm hungover.

CLu: Two things: 1) Your parenthetical notation was confusing. I like your irony. 2) This post was totally inspired by our Sametime. Think of it as confessional. I needed a way to get all my gaffes out on the table. The list is TBC...

Anonymous said...

The V-Fi Blog is must read. I read it every day!