Monday, August 10, 2009

surly surly surly!

I went to Portland last weekend. Actually, I went to a wedding in Mt. Hood at the super scary Timberline Lodge, where I pretty much owned Hav in shuffleboard. That's right. Of all the things I could tell you about (the lovely wedding, the lodge's notable past, the drunken, loud-mouthed friend-of-an-Oregon-senator...) I'm choosing to tell you about shuffleboard. More specifically I'm telling you that Hav LOST. This is significant b/c he has beaten me at nearly every game we've ever played. Ever. And I haven't always taken it so well, mostly because losing gets old. (I may have once swung a putter at his head when he killed me at miniature golf. Don't worry - I'm enlightened now.)
Read this article in the Portland Mercury. I feel confident recommending it as the best article ever written.
Wait! There's more! If this were MY chiropractor, I'd be all, "Hey look, friends!! My chiropractor is cool!!!" But he's not so instead I'll let you enjoy the ad.


A-Lo said...

Also, remember the time you almost killed me at 1:00 am when I decided to sell my Monopoly stake in railroads to Havis?? I just wanted the god damned game to be over! But then I was scared you might murder me in my sleep.......

vanessa said...

No, no I do not.