Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Brutal Truth is back!

Okay so, it's official -- Dear Brutal Truth is back. That's right. The world can sleep better knowing that its toughest, most awkward questions will all be answered.


I like this article. I'd comment on it, but you already know how I feel.


Lastly, yesterday I was flying back from Austin and The Woman Whose Perfume Preceded Her by Several Hundred Yards was sitting behind me on the plane. I wanted to write about her perfume and incessant talking here, but then I started to feel guilty. I decided instead to just journal it on my laptop. I felt better typing out my frustration w/out wanting it to go anywhere. Afterward I even pretended in my mind like I liked her. She's not so bad!! *cough*cough* And then I think she read over my shoulder because she started saying to the man next to her about not caring if she was loud, and how people should mind their own business (we're trying to, lady, but your voice makes that impossible), etc. In which case, I meant everything I wrote. Namaste.


C Lu said...

I think that lady sits across from me at work. She bathes in a vat of terrible perfume. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard, if the chalkboard was made out of cats being strangled. It's a race to see if we can hear or smell her first.

vanessa said...

Is her name Amber and she also happens to have one of those senses of humor where when she says things like, "Oh, I crack myself up," she really means it even though nothing she said was even remotely funny?

Riff Dog said...

If we got them to eliminate smoking on airplanes and in theaters, can we make galloons of perfume or cologne next?

C Lu said...

She does talk to herself quite a bit. It's probably (a) to make herself feel important, and (b) because no one else in their right mind would try to enter her world of pungent dementia.

peewee said...

well, at least the scent wasn't PATCHOULI. Because I LOVE when that happens at whole foods, or in class. Why do patchouli wearers have to shower in it so we can smell it from YARDS away.

HUh. guess I got away from the topic here....But Patchouli SUCKS though, right?!

Anonymous said...

Oh you're THAT yoga teacher. Interesting.