Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spent on Rainy Days

I'm so into this wallsONwords movement right now.  It's just a really positive thing and, well, this world needs more positive things.


This weekend I'm with my friend, Joslyn, who inspires me constantly.  She's a brilliant writer, wicked funny, wildly creative, and she just puts the IP in hip.  (Get it, IP?  Heh heh.)   We're sitting here in her treehouse doing what we do best (read:  drinking coffee, emailing each other though we're a foot apart, and scanning facebook).  Later today we're going to yoga en Español.  Neither of us speak Spanish but since all we do is child's pose our way through classes, the language is sorta unimportant.


StaticInvasion said...

This post is made of those butterflies that live in your stomach and remind you of how good life is!

Anonymous said...

Conor Oberst inspire title?

vanessa said...

Christine, well done, my friend. Well done. (I was actually thinking of Britt, but you're right.)