Friday, May 14, 2010

Not clever, Lululemon. Just disgusting.

No, Lulu, you're not pushing the envelope. Mentioning "cameltoe" in a back page ad in Yoga Journal doesn't make you funny or maverick or cutting edge or anything else you probably want to be. It makes you lame.

For starters, laughing about cameltoe is so 2003. (In the event that you're tempted to mock mullets next, know that that joke's played out too.) But also, the visual on that word is just kinda gross and if I wanted to be grossed out I'd think about fungal cream. Ever wonder why they show people smiling and walking through meadows in herpes commercials? Because NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK AT A HERPES SORE. Just like no one wants to see the word "cameltoe" in print*.  Granted, you didn't show us a picture, (that would have been grounds for murder), but some words are so inherently graphic that they are inappropriate for anything other than medical discussions.

There. I've said my peace.

*Please understand that I was forced to type the un-typable in the name of editorials.

P.S. Thank you for my R&D discount. I still like your clothes.


peewee said...

well, you know, at LEAST it didn't say "vagina toe"

peewee said...

sorry. Vagina and camel toe should really NEVER be used in one day. That's just terrible. Next thing you know you'll see the word Queef.

my bad!

I blame this all on lululemon

Joslyn said...

I think the word "vagina" is kind funny and it definitely doesn't bother me as much as "cameltoe" and also, Lulu makes their clothes in China. But that's not funny; ir's just kinda a bummer.

vanessa said...

Kristin: I would fully support an ad on the back cover of YJ that said "Say no to vagina toe." 'Cause *that* would be awesome.

Jos: Isn't that Lulu's way of being pro pro-Asian?