Tuesday, August 15, 2006


As losers go, I just bought 42 DOLLARS worth of Japanese candy!! 42 bucks could probably feed a family of five in a developing nation for like a year or something. Worse, I'm about to throw away 1/4 of it b/c the lemon flavor is pukey. If it had even neglible nutritional value I'd donate it probably.

Still no decision on a suitable replacement for "baggin'" though I did feel validated today b/c April (who's young and hip enough) said that she still says baggin', and Tim heard it used on TV last night. Ever read The Tipping Point? I'm a maven yo.


King said...

Whole Foods cookies just don't do it for ya anymore, huh?

vanessa said...

you know i'm always quick to swap out one obsession for another. you'll be happy to know I'm still on the Whole Foods honey peanut butter though my taste for rice krispy treats has subsided.