Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Okay can I at least be happy about the results of the election? Or is it that if you don't vote you can neither squawk nor hoot?

I'm leaving tomorrow evenin' for Austin / Dallas. Which means I should be packing right now. But why waste this precious procrastinating time?

I am so lucky to live near the ocean. During my favorite run today it occurred to me that it is, every single time, inviting and mystical. I love that I can't see its end - that as far as I can see there is nothing.

My friend April is going camping this weekend. (Note to house robbers: her address is 1400 Congress Ave, Austin, TX. Just kidding.) Anyway, she's camping b/c last weekned they were rained out (that's right -- it's best to avoid nature when you're camping). Which got me thinking that I haven't been camping in like forever. I talked to my roommate about going, and if you'll remember how well she handles hikes, it'll come as no surprise to you that I got a long, exaggerated pause coupled with the warmest sneer she could muster, and then: who are you talking to??
So, is that a yes?

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