Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm famous yo.

This week's Chronicle, page 3. How super cool of Desirae for the ad.


What do you get someone for their birthday that signifies a) how cool you think they are and b) how cool you are for thinking of it? (I get it -- I've reached the 'cool' threshold. Whatev.)


My friend Travis's blog reminded me of a card that I too have seen. It's the one where the Dalai Lama is peering inside an empty box and he says "Nothing! Just what I wanted!" and then you open it up and it says something like "I hope you get everything you wanted!" Perfect b/c when I was a kid I hated Christmas and my birthday because we didn't celebrate them which meant no presents. And then you'd go back to school and everyone would have new Guess jeans and Keds. I've since met several people who also grew up JW who say that they didn't mind the no-presents thing. Really? How?! I only started liking my birthday when I started getting presents. And I only started liking Christmas when I began shopping for others. This is exactly the reason that JWs should make up their own gift-giving holiday. Call it Happy 144,000 Day or something. Everyone could sit around thinking what it'd be like to be chosen and then give lots of presents in honor of it. They could hold it on December 27th so there'd be no confusion with Christmas. Or December 9th. That's a good day too. I'm pretty sure my mom will read this and be appalled at my sacrilege. Don't' worry, Mom -- I'm tight with God.

It's easy to forget and I do often: when you set intentions or goals, your job is only that -- you get clear about what you want, then you trust it will happen. You don't need to worry about the *how*. MLK, Jr said something like "You don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first steps." I think 100% of stress comes from trying to figure out the how. Yeah this may be obvious to the rest of the world, but I am happy playing catch up. I'm really happy.

I suspect this is what my book will be about -- something along the lines of how How Thinking prevents freedom. Yesterday I was thinking that I had to have the conclusions figured out before I could start writing. Today at work I realized how constricting it would be for me to know all the answers up front. I'm on another strategy project at work. Strategy projects are where the client asks you to investigate a particular business case, system(s), or processes that may be problematic, and then you formulate impressions and recommendations based on your research. You don't know your recommendations before you begin scheduling the first interviews and conducting your analysis. You just put one foot in front of the other and somehow, at the end of the project, it all comes together.

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