Monday, January 08, 2007

9 1/2 weeks

Poor Ohio State. Owwwieee.


I found my new best friend. It's red and strawberry-ish, $10.50 a lb. and I found it in this candy / card store on San Vicente. I am dreaming about it right now. That licorice understands me better than I know myself. I have no problem paying for friends.


Oh dear - the lineup for SXSW is leaking and it's ridiculous. Renee and I are starting the intention setting now for a private Interpol show. A few years ago Alo, Lance, Renee, Johnking and I tricked our way into this hipster after-party -- the kind you only hear about from friends of friends of friends and you have to either sneak or plead your way into. Whatever, we all got in, and ever since it's been the hunt for these kinda digs -- the hot bands are playing small sets, illegal substances strewn about (drugs are bad, kids), djs spinning, and lots of people who don't get out of bed for less than a pack of cigarettes a day, and look cool doing it. Since our group is likely to change by this time next year, there's the threat that this just might be THE LAST ONE, and with that the subtle pressure of making sure it's the kind of SXSW that three years later you're still saying "Remember when..."

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A-Lo said...

Ooh! Remember the time you made those fattening brownies and Scott had to take a seat and said "I'm scared".

That was fun.