Friday, January 05, 2007

Do they make trumpets for fat fingers?

During 2005's Epic Break-Up, we split our belongings, as broken couples do, and dramatically moved to opposite ends of the country. Dissolutions can be messy, though ours was not; one of our most difficult decisions was who would get the cd collection. Yes he knew way more about music than me and in fact purchased most of it, but I was being broken up with. We settled on him buying me a 30GB iPod and sharing it. I recall smirking as he downloaded album after album. "Vanessa are you sure you want Physical Grafitti? You *hate* Led Zepplin." "Yes Scott. I want it. Now burn it!" This went on roughly 450 times. (Through a cruel turn of events I later lost all the music on this iPod which I blame on the karma gods. Bastards.) Anyway, the point of this is that somehow a shared magazine subscription to the Sun has followed me from Austin to Boston to LA and I'm pretty pleased at my good fortune. I'm not sure if this is a phantom gift subscription or what but whoever's responsible for sending it to me, thank you.

Congrats Apes! Big stuff -- HUGE!

Indeed my mom was pissed at my JW post. She joins American men in the legions of people who apparently don't find me funny. There are few topics which are sure to polarize and religion is one of them. My mom is not the only person to whom I've found myself explaining my belief that you don't have to pass through the town of *insert religion* to get to the kingdom of God. Am I being deceived? Sure, emotions can be misleading, but I'm nothing if not willing and I wholly believe that if you ask, you'll receive. I ask for guidance and truth. Why wouldn't I get them?

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