Wednesday, January 03, 2007

january 3

I had this dream last night that I walked into this bathroom to brush my teeth and David Spade was in there. I asked him how he pulls off being weird all the time. (Is David Spade *really* weird? I have no idea. I vaguely remember him on SNL back in the day and can't vouch for his normalcy or otherwise, but you know how dreams go.) So he answers simply: I am weird all the time because I realized it was easier to be who I am. I started out just doing one weird thing a day and now I'm this way all the time. It was something out of like Alice in Wonderland.

There is no substitute for a meditation practice.

Full moon. You know what that means.


King said...

I agree about the meditation practice. Your 100 day blogging commitment inspired me commit to meditating every day in 2007. I'm keeping a log of each day's practice, we'll see how it goes.

vanessa said...

mmm... this is the sound of one hand clapping. i'm rooting for you.