Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All Over the World

When Jenny came to town a couple of weeks ago, she shared w/ me one of her (many) brilliant visions: National Worry About Yourself Day. The premise is simple -- for 24 short hours you mind your own. You can't talk about anyone else, worry about anyone else, complain about anyone else, etc etc. I think it's a great idea, and would be especially supportive of the greeting cards or floral arrangements that might commemorate the holiday. Except maybe the greeting cards wouldn't be such a big hit?? Since it's "Worry About Yourself Day" would that mean you'd have to send the card to yourself? Good question.


Kristin and I hung out this weekend over yoga and food. She introduced me to Buddha's Belly, which is this really yum restaurant by her house. The food is amazing and the service matches it. To start, I order the Japanese eggplant w/ miso dressing and sesame seeds. I was about to die from starvation and totally looking forward to my meal. The server brings the plate over, I can't wait to dig in, K looks at my dish and says, "That sauce looks like ___." Since this is a family show, I'm not going to repeat which bodily fluid she metaphorically (or is it simile-ically) ascribed to my food, but suffice to say, I felt pukey. Sadly, I tried to eat it anyway, because it's childish, really, to let a joke stand between me and some vegetables. Alas, curse or virtue, not sure which -- I have the maturity of a 12 yr old. I waited for my salad. I will, however, pay her back.


I feel like I have the best of both worlds: a job that I love and I get to teach! I'm a lucky girl. PLUS! Ruth AND Hannah are coming on Saturday! Separately but at the same time. How strange is that? Hannah and Mark are staying here and Ruth and Eddie are staying in Silver Lake. And wait, there's more. On Monday night, Albert Hammond Jr. and then Spoon the next Friday, then I see my mom, then Sound Team, then Arcade Fire, and then... Present schmesent.

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