Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My blogsite has been messed up for a while since, well, I messed it up. At first my fingers were itchin', but then I got used to the silence in my head. Actually, the same noise existed - who am I kidding?

Last weekend Jenny came to town and we headed to Palm Springs. Mostly we slept and talked and since I'm partial to both, I had fun.

I'm teaching a lot lately b/c I've been subbing plus I picked up another class at Equinox that I'm really excited about. It's called Recharge and Renew and the idea is to balance energizing postures with deeply restorative poses. It'll be great - there'll just be one pose, headstand, for the first 50 minutes, then savasana for the remaining 10. Just kidding. But that *would* be a good idea.

As I type this American Idol is on in the background. This is the first time I've watched it. Here's what I like about it -- you can look like anything and be on it. And then I just changed the channel to QVC (I was flippin' through, I swear) and the hosts are hawkin 19.95 sunglasses. They're all:
Her: ...And the silicone pads help the glasses to sit up on the nasal passage to ensure great flow of breath.
Him: And they look like they'd be expensive, but they're not.
I wonder what the hosts are like at a party. I mean, they have to make stuff up about every product they sell. Like how do you do that?
Now I flipped the channel to some Mexican rappers. Judging by the size of their audience, they're popular. Shoot. I think they're Puerto Rican. Honest mistake. Omg I can't stop watching them.
Okay just did. Now I'm on a Mexican movie of the week. The channel must be our southern brethren's answer to Lifetime. This dude with a really stubby moustache is feeding a pretend baby and crying. Remember the guy who played George Costanza's dad on Seinfeld? Well he looks like a Latino version of him. Dude his moustache is totally jacked up. Now the fake baby is crying. A lot. Uh oh. Someone's stealing presents from the Christmas tree. And by presents I mean a fake baby. I just heard "Santa Clause" in English.
Madonna video: Dude is that what yoga 5xs a day does to you? I need to become a recording superstar.

Okay, riveting as my television play by play has been, I'm done. I'm also done with the banana trail mix from Trader Joe's which is ridiculously yum.


Angelo Portabello said...

The really good looking people on American Idol went home a long time ago. Except I think Jordan is very pretty and she's still there.

Painintha Asana said...

Don't forget the words of Mr. Iyengar (adapted from

"Always do headstand before shoulderstand, and always do shoulderstand (or setubandha sarvangasana or halasana) after you do headstand, and do the shoulderstand for slightly longer than you did headstand. Do not do headstand without following it up with shoulderstand. It doesn’t have to be immediately after, but should be in the same practice."

Seriously, though, I think the style of yoga you will be teaching is an exciting new development in the world of yoga. We have seen contrasting styles, like Baptiste and Yin, and now things may be coming to some balance.

Hoo ah!