Sunday, November 02, 2008

dharma bums

I'm back from Joe's wedding in St. Louis. And slightly still hungover. It really is a toss up -- either the worst thing about drinking too much is rememebering that you were booty dancing in front of octogenarians or the headache the next morning. Come to think of it, the headache goes away. Regardless, I had a great time. It's amazing how when you live in frenetic LA, a trip to Missouri can feel like you went on a monastic retreat (save, of course, for the vodka sodas).

No more travelling until Austin in 3 weeks!


I have started another writing class. The final reading is on November 14th. So right now, instead of doing my "homework" I'm blogging. I think this could be considered extra credit, kinda.


Angelo Portabello said...

Why are you coming to Austin?

vanessa said...

Oh just to hang out... wanna practice yoga?

Angelo Portabello said...

I thought you might be coming for the John Friend workshop, which I'll be going to...five months pregnant!