Thursday, October 23, 2008

baby om frijoles

My friend April, is pregnant. About a week ago she started asking me about pre-natal yoga. Naturally, I recommended my friend Malia, but the schedule at Yoga Yoga fit better, so she tried that instead. Fine, I told her, you'll probably be bored.

Last night I called her: how'd it go?! I was dying to mock know. She described it in detail. Apparently each woman has to give her name and how far along she is. They also ask a room full of pregnant women HOW THEY'RE FEELING. (That's a teacher's way of passing the time.) So now I'm totally obsessed with crashing a pre-natal class. I've been working on my intro.

"Hi, my name's Vanessa. Well, I'm not exactly *pregnant*, per se, but my mom was pregnant with me once, so I kinda feel like I get it, you know?"

Take 2.

"Hi, my name's Vanessa. Can I have my tea now, or do I have to wait til the end?"

Take 3.

"Hi, my name's Vanessa. (I just came to feel skinny.)"

Anyway, in the end, a couple things happened: 1. April found out that Malia is teaching a class on Saturdays at Breath and Body, so she'll go to that. 2. I got a blog out of it.


A-Lo said...

I think you'll be most popular with the last option (plus, you'll definitely leave feeling skinny - i sure did!).

There's a fourth option for you:
"Hi, my name is Vanessa. I came to get yummy with my body"

Angelo Portabello said...

I went to a pre-natal class at Yoga Yoga the day I found out I was pregnant. I was sort of bored but was really tired so it was fine. I can see how the classes there would benefit a woman in her third trimester when she's really big or a woman who has never practiced yoga before, as is the case with many pregnant women. Needless to say, I have not been back to a pre-natal class. Instead, I have chosen to practice in regular classes (I should know what I'm doing by now.) But I wouldn't recommend that for a new yogini who is pregnant. I've also been practicing with Jenn Wooten at Yoga Yoga. She is my only teacher who has given birth, plus she's really liberal in her pre-natal thinking. Don't do it if it doesn't feel good, other than that you're all good until you start getting really big.

The chances of me feeling skinny are pretty slim these days.

Jeremy Heath said...

Take 4

Anonymous said...

I wanna come with you! We can be lesbo partners. And I'll ask where the espresso is. It's me, kk, blogger is being weird about comments

vanessa said...

Angela, I tried to get into the John Friend workshop but I was wait-listed. Sucks it!

Kiki, sadly prophetic.