Monday, December 15, 2008

It's gonna be alright*

I have this Dears song stuck in my head. It's driving me up a wall in a good way, and just reminds me that I really need to go see some music. And also figure out what I'm doing over Christmas break. I've considered going to the cleansing farm. My friend C was all, "I'll go w/ you - when are your dates?" And I'm all, "Probably the 26th - 28th." (Which she'll be in Mexico for.) Then she was all, "Well if you wait till like, the 29th - 31st I'll go with you." To which I was like, "If I spend New Year's Eve at a cleansing farm, I WILL kill myself." (In the nicest possible way.) Plus, having spent time with someone when we were both cleansing and knowing that one of us almost didn't make it out alive, it's the sorta thing best done alone. Or with someone you don't care if you're mean to.

Which begs the question: what if I went to a cleansing farm with say, Dick Cheney or Karl Rove? Seems like they'd fit the criteria, but I bet they could out-mean me.

* Spelling intentional.

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A-Lo said...

Here are some questions I'd like answers to:

1. Is a cleansing farm like a fat farm?
2. If Dick Cheney insulted you while at a cleansing farm, would you cry and seek out counseling?
3. Does a cleansing farm include a free series of colon cleansing??