Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stormy weather

Have I mentioned this great blog w/ the cutest baby who's totally poised to give his parents a run for their money? No? Here it is: TB&J. Super cool.


It's totally f'ed up, but Prop 8 was upheld in the California Supreme Court today. Messed up. Jacked. Dumb. I can't say I understand.


I dropped my phone about 5 times today and now I can't text or email, basically, since I have no space key, A, W, Q, or shift key. It's been a fun exercise trying to form messages with those constraints.

Mercury, I'd really appreciate it if you could just spin the right way, please.


Tomorrow kicks off training on this s/w project I've been working on for the past century. I'm basically MIA-ish to anyone not available via text (when I get a new device) or IM for the next three weeks.

And I'm out.


Terrence said...

Thanks for the plug...i askso little. Hope you're well. :)

Honore de Balzac said...

This feedback question is an interesting one.

In a way we constantly interact with environments and receive information. Our bodies/nervous systems are designed to receive this information and learn from it--but there can be a "tensing" response that either inhibits expression of internal or that resists external.

These more pronounced feedbacks like you mentioned really highlight that process.