Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't make me do it, Facebook.

Has this been happening to you lately?

This is hard, you know? On one hand, Facebook is free. You don't really have any recourse over something for which you don't *really* pay. (The endless notifications for 3 New Movies Released This Week! and Obama asks moms to return to school -- See if you qualify!, while annoying, can't be considered payment.)

On the other, why suck Facebook?

So I'm at this crossroads -- continue on and put up with the repeated login failures and service unavailable errors or bow out graciously. Is my life richer for FB? Could it be richer without?

This is where I've been.

1 comment:

peewee said...

Now, annoying as FB is, I have never had that problem. I think FB hates you.

Can we please get coffee this week so I don't have to only know about you insofar as you post?