Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ohhhhh... THAT karma.

Location:  Commissary (waiting in line for tater tots)
Time:  Today, lunch-ish
Scene:  Me running into someone in another department.  Someone who took my yoga class about a month ago.

Me:  Hey N___!  Good to see you!
Him:   You too!  How funny - I just sent you an email.
Me:  *Look at phone; notice no new email.*  Oh...guess I haven't received it yet.   So, you coming to class again?
Him:  Nawww.  Not my thing.
Me:  Really?  Too hard?  (In my defense, I hear this a lot.)
Him:  No I just prefer the music thing.  You know, a class that's more upbeat.



joslyn hamilton said...

Music is for unevolved people. Real yoga teachers don't need it.

Anonymous said...

By all means, he should go where there's music. In fact, I'd suggest he try a more "upbeat" Jazzercize program, or look into Richard Simmons videos.

-For the record, I think Vanessa's class pretty much rules.

peewee said...


Well, according to our GURU Baron, you're really not a good teacher if you have to Hide behind your MUSIC! UGH! I would NEVER! MUSIC! I spit on you!

Anonymous said...

Music does rule. I would put some Death Metal in the Yoga program. Might be huge.

(If so, please send royalties to: Anon Y. Mous)