Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I Bleed

I usually respond to comments in the Comments section under a post.  Or I delete them.  But sometimes they warrant front page attention.  In response to my post yesterday, I got this:
Anonymous said:  I *hate* children? Wow. You are not the change I want to see in this world.

Oh yeah, Anonymous?   I challenge you to a duel!

So yeah, I hate babies.  Just like I hate puppy dogs and cupcakes.  And you know what else really chaps my hide?   Cures for cancer.  Oh boy, I really hate cures for cancer.

Look -- no one hates babies or children, people.  And in case it wasn't equally as obvious, no one hates little people either.  Settle down.


Guess what?  I'm going to the Pixies tonight.  I'm told that Weird Al will be there to sing I Bleed and Flea will be making an appearance.   Since Flea and I go way back, I'm sure he'll be over the moon to see me.

But then I just got a facial so my skin is super greasy.  I'm going to the Pixies with a face on which I could fry eggs.  I feel like I would only say that in LA.  I'm one of those now.


C Lu said...

I like that you set up a hyperlink to my bday post.

I want you to come over and play Rock Band with me and sing "Waves of Mutilation". I will play drums. Kelsey will, of course, accompany on the bass. That should be a snap after all the violin lessons she's taken.

A-Lo said...

I think a greasy face is probably way better than a face that is falling off. That's just me though.

peewee said...

What's wrong with hating kids? ALL the time I hear things like "I HATE cats" or "I HATE dogs" so what's wrong with "I HATE kids" same diff. they're all pets, and some people just like bunnies, and nothing else. And that's just fine.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the same Anonymous as "Anonymous" but I don't like to be around kids much. Once a year?