Friday, November 06, 2009

"I'm not an addict, I'm an executive at General Electric."

My friend Amy is making Thanksgiving a month-long exercise in expressing her gratitude about stuff.  She's doing it on facebook in the form of a status update every day about what she's grateful for.  I totally support her mission because I think it's cool.  Except I have this prudish rule about not updating that often so I'll just post here.  And maybe not every day. 

This isn't going so well, is it? 

I'll get on with it.

I'm grateful for the lessons I learn.  Pleasant, painful, or otherwise.  Honestly.

That's it for now.


Seven said...

Each morning I wake up, I'm grateful that Y2K is just another day behind us. Oh the horrors that could have been...

-But seriously, new days bring new inspiration. Life is kinda great.

C Lu said...

Close. I'm more like middle-management at a subsidiary of General Electric. So I'm not even as cool as Donaghy.