Monday, August 30, 2010

New Stuff on the Block

Guess what?! is getting a make-over.  Yep!  My super talented friend Katrina from Brandish Type is working her artistic wizardry.  In about two months you won't even recognize me this site.

In the process of brainstorming, I got to do all sorts of research for sites, pictures, and inspirational whatnot to give her an idea of my aesthetic.  Turns out, I love Alexander Wang, steampunk-y stuff, and the impose of analog on digital.  In my copious research, I also learned that if your business has the word "creative" in it, chances are you aren't.

Another page in the Great Kombucha Prohibition.  My go-to place in Hollywood ran out!  I panicked.  Fortunately I remembered that my friend RKells spotted some in Echo Park.  On Saturday she texted me the location and I picked up 10 bottles!  Grape!  Ginger!  And then later that day the second most fortuitous thing happened -- I found another source in Franklin Village.  So you know what?  Eff the Whole.  (Sorry Alo, but this has gotten out of hand.)

Happy Birthday, CLu!  You pale to no one.


Anonymous said...

Your site is super fun to concept! Love your style, V. Comps coming up soon!


C Lu said...

I missed the shout-out while I was in Chicago! Damn it! Thanks, Nessa. But is the "pale" reference a crack at me being a banana? 'Cuz I am. Sort of like how you're an egg.