Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun with Poles! I Mean *Polls*!

Some friends and I hit upon a brilliant social question today.  (Okay, maybe it was more like me coercing them to consider it.  Whatever.)  In a question of social capital, how would you rank the following professions?  (NOTE:  This is not a question of "Which one should I take home to mom," which would garner entirely different results.)  

Here are the choices: crack whore, Hustler model, call girl, prostitute, Playboy model, stripper, mainstream porn actress, and hardcore porn actress.  

This was no easy ranking.   The group ended up with the following:

1.  Playboy model.  (Unanimous.)
2.  Mainstream porn actress
3.  Call girl
4.  Hustler model
5.  Stripper
6.  Hardcore porn actress (the distinction between this one and its, ahem, sister, is a little murky.)
7.  Prostitute
8.  Crack whore  (don't hate on the barter system)

And because I wanted a more scientific approach, I asked my friend TM what he thought.  I forced Joslyn to take it too.  Their feedback was astounding.  From what I can surmise, basically the whole world ranks Playboy model first; hardcore porn actress as sixth; prostitute, seventh, and the crack whore last.  Poor thing.  

This is not a question of libido or even sexual interests.  It's a question of how we see these professions in our society.  So get your mind out of the gutter and tell me, what do you think?  


Anonymous said...

I think Playboy modeling should rank above many traditional occupations, like pharmaceutical rep or paralegal. There's no social stigma anymore, is there?

peewee said...

I'm confused. Is this social ranking or monetary? Because HOW did CALL girl come before Hustler model and Stripper??? (ha! come! haha!)

and please, for my clarification, is a crack whore an actual whore who also does crack or simply a lady who loves her some crack. Because if it's the former, that's like TWO professions and therefore should be disqualified.

I take this pole VERY srsly

vanessa said...

KK: Excellent use of the double entendre. *audience applause*

I think call girl was ranked ahead of hustler model and stripper since a call is typically hot (but not in a trashy kind of way, necessarily), and also well paid. Plus, all call girls go to like Brown or Duke and are just paying their way through school.

Re: crack whore -- so true, my dear. so true.