Monday, November 08, 2010

Mostly More Words I Loathe

It's time for another - okay, second - edition of Words I Loathe.  (The Love part is playing a supporting role tonight b/c I'm borderline surly.)

  • Artificial suffixes, e.g. any word where  -licious or -tastic are appended.  I know, I know.  I've heard the arguments for portmanteaus.  I've already stated my position.  Also, it's no longer creative when cougars are using it.
  • Diva:  I particularly despise it when used to describe feminine products.  
  • Fabulous:  If I was a noun, which technically I am, but if I was like, a meta noun, and someone used "fabulous" to modify me, I would throw up on them as a thank you.
...and for good measure, a couple of *Words I Love:

Cheeky:  It just sounds so British.   Note:  If you affect an English accent, however, I will mock you.
False!:  As in exclaiming that something is not true.  I like this especially if you were to shout it to your grandmother or something and then push the table over, after her tender suggestion that you eat your peas since you love peas.

*In case you didn't get that link the first time.  Click it.


C Lu said...

You know what I hate? When you tell (not ask) someone something, and they answer, "correct." Hey dickhole, I wasn't asking for your approval, I was explaining to you why you're such a fuck-up.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I had a boss who always replied with "That is correct" when it made no sense to the question I just asked. Dickhole, indeed.

Totally agree about the cougars (until/unless I become one... eep.)

I also love how Europeans call ladies "birds".


vanessa said...

Culbert: As always, you're awesome. "Dickhole" is my new favorite word. Thank you.
Katrina: It seems you like the word "dickhole" too. Also, I had no idea ladies = birds, but I think it's a trend that can be kicked off stateside.

Anonymous said...

I used to call girls 'little birds,' which was way better than Betties, I thought.