Monday, November 17, 2008

Just your normal Monday stuff...

So the reading on Saturday night went well, I guess. I was really nervous going into it, and by nervous I mean that I had a TOTAL meltdown on Saturday during writing class. (Which sent me into a bigger spiral because I hated that I couldn't pull it together.) I think it was a combination of being kinda spent from the week at work and not liking what I had written, but whatever, meltdown just the same. When I was trying to bail, Scarlett in her wisdom was all, "quit being so self-absorbed," (more or less). It's hard for me to back down from a good insult, so I read, and I'm glad I did. Still, even afterwards, I pretty much wanted to hide, but it's kinda hard to.


Facebook is amazing and I'm a pansy. Through like stalking my friend from high school's friend list, I found this girl that I used to make fun of when I was growing up. I was mean. (Sorry!) But I don't actually have the balls to send her an email and apologize. Instead I'll just post it here. Sorry. (But not sorry enough to say so in person.)


peewee said...

I am facebook friends with lots of people I made fun of and was mean to, AND people who were mean to me. It was GRADE SCHOOL man! No one even cares. Just say Hi to her and ask all about her. Your post was asking my advice, right!?

vanessa said...

Great advice. I think instead of saying 'hi', I'll just telekinetically send a 'hi' her way, like through inter-universe mail and stuff.